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Sinus disease and polyps ( Grosir Tas Vintage )

Sinus disease and polyps that have become chronic sufferers can make breathing difficult and disruptive activities. Now researchers from the United States have identified a protein that causes the affected person and sinus polyps .
Grosir Tas Vintage
These proteins have been identified that cause 15 to 30 percent of people affected by sinus polyps and chronic . This condition is caused by one of the most serious cases of sinusitis as it causes constant irritation and swelling in the respiratory tract .

Polyps are usually formed due to the growth of unhealthy sinus tissue in the nose , which can inhibit certain parts and make someone difficult to breathe through the nose . While the result of a sinus infection or inflammation of one channel in the nasal sinuses . This disease often causes pain , swelling and infection .

"This type of disease is usually not smooth , so that one can easily recognize . Generally, patients with mouth breathing , talking with a nasal voice , often with the flu and sometimes swollen face , " said Dr. Jean Kim , an assistant professor in the department of otolaryngology and allergy in Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine , as quoted from the Health , Tuesday ( 24/11/2009 ) .

Kim and colleagues analyzed sinus tissues of patients who have sinus disease and polyps . The results of this analysis showed that there is a protein known as vascular endothelial growth factor ( VEGF ) .

VEGF protein is known to stimulate the growth of blood vessels that lead to excessive cell growth ( overgrowth ) which later can lead to polyps or sinus in the nasal passages .

Surgery or surgery to this day is still a common treatment , but sometimes polyps can grow back even though the operation has been performed . While the treatment of oral steroids only help solve the problem in time while alone and are known to have some side effects .

" With the discovery of these proteins , is expected in the future discovered how to use the nasal spray treatment with anti - VEGF containing within it and reduces the side effects of existing ,

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